Search and Sort the Bowmar Orchestral Library

Anyone fortunate enough to have the obscure Bowmar Orchestral Library lurking in your CD collection?  I was lucky to inherit this collection, when I started teaching at my current school 7 years ago.  When I conduct a Google search on these items, I discover many things…it is expensive, it is old, and it is extensive.Continue reading “Search and Sort the Bowmar Orchestral Library”

Music Notation Unit – Part III: Game

This is the third and final installment of our unit. See Part I and Part II here. Once I have time, I will compile all 3 parts into a PDF that you may download, save, and print! Part III is not an earth-shattering idea, but rather a super fun, engaging game functioning as both anContinue reading “Music Notation Unit – Part III: Game”

Music Notation Unit – Part II

Yesterday I posted Part I of our Music Notation unit.  Today, I present to you Part II.  I music give credit where credit is due and thanks to once again for making some great music education resources.   After finishing our centers from Part I, I then had my students pair off with their sameContinue reading “Music Notation Unit – Part II”

Music Notation Unit – Part I: Centers

I used this lesson last month as a 3-week unit to introduce my 2nd graders to notation in the treble clef.  They seemed to truly enjoy it and at the end of the unit, really knew their note names!  This could be used with grades 2-5 with great success! Note: I have a PrometheanBoard inContinue reading “Music Notation Unit – Part I: Centers”

Online Music Worksheets –

My newest favorite online music resource is  I have found so many worksheets, lesson plans, ideas, and other resources that I can easily and quickly incorporate into my classes.  I am thankful to Andy Fling and Shelly Nierman for a creative, well-designed, and effectively managed website.  Make sure you sign up for their newsletters soContinue reading “Online Music Worksheets –”

Korg nanoKey

So I am working on a Capstone Project proposal for a technology endorsement called Teach21. While selecting the hardware and software I will need for my project, I stumbled across this cool little piece of hardware called a nanoKey. I am so excited about this little guy for a number of reasons…. It is smallContinue reading “Korg nanoKey”

Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

Last week 2nd grade was studying the instrument families in the orchestra. My student teacher did a great job of introducing the four families and the instruments that belong to each family. He chose some really cool listening examples from Play Music. Then we worked together to create a listening map for Benjamin Britten’s “YoungContinue reading “Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra”