Music Notation Unit – Part II

Yesterday I posted Part I of our Music Notation unit.  Today, I present to you Part II.  I music give credit where credit is due and thanks to once again for making some great music education resources.  

After finishing our centers from Part I, I then had my students pair off with their same partner from the centers to complete the note names from the worksheet, Name That Tune!  All students had to share responsibility with their partners for completing the worksheet – once completed, I checked off their correct answers and assigned them an Orff instrument.  

Each pair of students used their instrument to play the notes on their worksheet to “Name That Tune.”  It was absolutely fabulous watching their eyes light up as they discovered each tune – “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” “Jingle Bells, ” etc.  We ended up having to stop class mid-activity since our class period is 50 minutes (we had finished up our last center during the first 15-20 minutes of class).   Depending on time constraints, allow time to “check” our answers and if your students are advanced enough, play the 1st 4 measures of the song together on their instruments.  

Stay tuned for Part III….

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