Music Notation Unit – Part III: Game

This is the third and final installment of our unit. See Part I and Part II here. Once I have time, I will compile all 3 parts into a PDF that you may download, save, and print!

Part III is not an earth-shattering idea, but rather a super fun, engaging game functioning as both an extension and assessment of our notation unit. It assesses how well your students have learned the notes on the staff using a fast-paced drill. I featured the “Staff Wars” game from The Music Interactive in a recent post. It is great fun game and you can use it in many different settings….
a) using an interactive whiteboard, play in two teams (I like girls vs. boys) and have different students take turns being the “captain” for their team, by operating the whiteboard
b) play as a whole class and let each student have a turn at the board
c) use student computers as a center or rotation so each kid has an opportunity to play the game – this is a great option for you to individually assess each student – have each student tell you the # correct and what round they got to after finishing their turn

Hope this has fueled your creativity…explore the amazing ways you can use technology to enhance music lessons!

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