Search and Sort the Bowmar Orchestral Library

Anyone fortunate enough to have the obscure Bowmar Orchestral Library lurking in your CD collection?  I was lucky to inherit this collection, when I started teaching at my current school 7 years ago.  When I conduct a Google search on these items, I discover many things…it is expensive, it is old, and it is extensive.  My school owns all three series, which gives me 36 CDs full of the worlds most influential orchestral repertoire.  Until now, I have taken this resource for granted in my classroom.  However, I am beginning to realize what a valuable listening tool these CDs are.  If you listen to them, you realize the quality is less digital, and more analog (wink…it was originally produced on LPs); I think this is awesome since, with the advent of digital music, we’ve lost the depth and richness that was appreciated on those……gasp, records!
In order to use this collection more effectively in my classroom, I made an Excel catalog of all pieces in all 3 series.  It is not fancy, but with Excel, you can sort and filter the information to find the composer, title, or series of a piece you’re looking for – it works for the purpose we have!  Below is an embedded version of the Excel file….

You may also download a copy of this Excel file here

A Tip to Make Your Downloaded File Better:  Open in Excel, Select the first, title row, like this…

Then from the Data menu, Select Filter (Shift+Command+F on Macs)
You will see that your first, title row will have arrow buttons so you can now easily sort by either title, composer, series, or CD title.  Awesome!

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