Korg nanoKey

So I am working on a Capstone Project proposal for a technology endorsement called Teach21. While selecting the hardware and software I will need for my project, I stumbled across this cool little piece of hardware called a nanoKey. I am so excited about this little guy for a number of reasons….

  • It is small so it does not take up whole lot of desk space for my classroom computers (I will have 8 desktop student computers when the hardware for my project is installed)
  • It is USB powered so I do not have to worry about MIDI interfaces
  • It still uses MIDI information, so we can use these little keyboards to input music or record songs with any instrument of our heart’s desire
  • You can daisy-chain them together to get consecutive octaves
  • They are portable, so I can set them up when we need them and remove them when we don’t (so the little 5 and 6 year olds to destroy them!!)
  • It is extremely affordable, retailing at $62, on sale right now at $50!!

So needless to say, I am extremely excited about the potential of this little gadget in my classroom. I am looking forward doing composition units with my students next year, once I get all of my new equipment. Obviously I love music technology and I can’t wait to share new experiences with my students.

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