Search and Sort the Bowmar Orchestral Library

Anyone fortunate enough to have the obscure Bowmar Orchestral Library lurking in your CD collection?  I was lucky to inherit this collection, when I started teaching at my current school 7 years ago.  When I conduct a Google search on these items, I discover many things…it is expensive, it is old, and it is extensive.Continue reading “Search and Sort the Bowmar Orchestral Library”

Boomwhackers Software

I discovered today in my search for Boomwhackers® resources that The Music Interactive site now has a Boomwhackers® software download.  As of January 2011, you are now required to create a username and password to their download site; however, once I easily did that (just follow the online and email instructions), I downloaded and opened this neatContinue reading “Boomwhackers Software”

Sleep App – for Sleep-Deprived Mommy

Anyone who has had a baby knows….sleep is hard to come by and if you’re crazy like me, even when you need to rest, you can’t! My subconscious makes me think I need to care for my baby, even when she’s sound asleep in her room. That would make me start caring for my pillow…yes,Continue reading “Sleep App – for Sleep-Deprived Mommy”

Other People Using Korg NanoKey!!

Two weeks ago I blogged about my discovery of the Korg NanoKey. I have the article “Redefining Music Tech” in the current issue of Teaching Music, an MENC Publication, to thank for this discovery. Two days ago I submitted my Capstone Project Proposal, which included the purchase of 9 Korg NanoKeys!! I am so excited.Continue reading “Other People Using Korg NanoKey!!”

Korg nanoKey

So I am working on a Capstone Project proposal for a technology endorsement called Teach21. While selecting the hardware and software I will need for my project, I stumbled across this cool little piece of hardware called a nanoKey. I am so excited about this little guy for a number of reasons…. It is smallContinue reading “Korg nanoKey”

March 2009 Music Education Carnival

Please check out this month’s “MUSIC EDUCATION BLOG CARNIVAL” at Tanbur Music Education Blogspot. My post “Using Audacity to Have Fun with Folk Dances” is one of the featured articles this month. From the Carnival, I also like Joseph Pisano’s article “Should we Utilize Technology in the Music Classrooms? Questions to Ask First.” This isContinue reading “March 2009 Music Education Carnival”

Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

Last week 2nd grade was studying the instrument families in the orchestra. My student teacher did a great job of introducing the four families and the instruments that belong to each family. He chose some really cool listening examples from Play Music. Then we worked together to create a listening map for Benjamin Britten’s “YoungContinue reading “Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra”


Irony is the word of the day…So after my post yesterday, my iRemote stopped working!! Everyone can agree….technology is great, WHEN it’s working!! So I spent yesterday afternoon and this morning trying to figure out what’s wrong. has a great article on how to solve iRemote issues, since this App was developed by Apple.Continue reading “NoRemote”

iRemote, uRemote, we all Remote!

So I wanted to share something that is great fun and extremely useful in my music teaching endeavors……..iRemote!!! On my iTouch (that was recently donated to our music program, by a generous Partner-In-Education), I downloaded an App from Apple’s App Store called “iRemote.” This App is a LIFESAVER!! I most often use iTunes my laptopContinue reading “iRemote, uRemote, we all Remote!”