Other People Using Korg NanoKey!!

Two weeks ago I blogged about my discovery of the Korg NanoKey. I have the article “Redefining Music Tech” in the current issue of Teaching Music, an MENC Publication, to thank for this discovery. Two days ago I submitted my Capstone Project Proposal, which included the purchase of 9 Korg NanoKeys!! I am so excited.
So I am super behind on reading my Google Reader, of which I subscribe to many music, technology, education (and some random!) blogs. One of my favorites is of Amy M. Burns (she has my same last name…no wonder we blog about similar things!). On March 11 (two days before me….I promise I didn’t read it before I posted), Amy posted a reflection on using Korg’s NanoKeys in her classroom. I was so excited to see someone using them in the elementary music classroom and being happy with them. Also, Amy praised the NanoKey for its ease of use, accessibilty for students, and affordability. Its so uncanny how someone with the same last name was blogging about the same thing…unknownst to one another…..us music educators think alike!

Make sure you check out Amy’s website…..so many resources (Podcasts, examples of student work, blog, handouts from her lecture, etc.)!!

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