iRemote, uRemote, we all Remote!

So I wanted to share something that is great fun and extremely useful in my music teaching endeavors……..iRemote!!! On my iTouch (that was recently donated to our music program, by a generous Partner-In-Education), I downloaded an App from Apple’s App Store called “iRemote.” This App is a LIFESAVER!! I most often use iTunes my laptop to play music for class….therefore, I can keep the iTouch with me and use it anywhere in my classroom to select, play, pause, and stop music!! No more running to my computer, pushing play, turning my back for kids to misbehave, running back to get my students in line!! I can simply select my song from my playlist or library right where I am!!! Now I know Apple and other brands have created products that do the same thing…..but they’re not FREE!!!!!! (However, you do have to have an iTouch or an iPhone for this to work……but they’re both so wonderful…..why not have one?!?!?)

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