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Recorder Resources

Happy New Year!  Today was our first day back to school in 2013 and I am excited for what the remainder of the school year holds for my students and I in music class!
With the arrival of January, for many of you, is also the arrival of a shipment of new recorders (or breaking out the old ones!) for a recorder unit.  This is actually my first year in 7 years to not teach recorders starting the first day back in January.  Being at a brand new school and feeling so lost this school year, I did not have my act together as well this year to start in January.  But I hope to introduce the recorder to my 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students in February or March!

For those of you starting recorder now or soon, I would like to remind you of some fantastic resources available to you!

Recorders Rock! Soprano Recorder Method Book

This is my pride and joy – an original beginning recorder method book.  The entire book (music notation, images, graphics) were created by yours truly.  Click the image to the left or the link above to view my original blog post about the method.  I also created PowerPoint and Flipchart files to correlate with the method book to make your teaching even more effective.  Below are the links to my TpT store (NOTE: you can now buy multiple licenses of products on TeachersPayTeachers at a reduced rate!  So if you have other recorder lovers, buy a copy for them as well!  If you purchase you do have the right to photocopy for your students as many times as needed, for educational purposes only!)

Recorder Introduction Video

I made this YouTube Video to introduce my students to the Soprano Recorder in a fun, exciting, modern way.  I think your students will enjoy it as much as mine do!

Recorder Crossword Puzzle

Based on the video above, this puzzle reinforces the vocabulary and concepts behind learning the soprano recorder.  This is a good activity to have your students complete while you are passing out recorders for the first time!

Recorders Harmony Lesson using “Hot Cross Buns”

We often think of the recorder solely as a melodic instrument.  However, we can teach harmony by using the recorder and introducing simply part playing.  This lesson plan is a great supplementary lesson for your 2nd year recorder players and beyond.  

Valentine’s Day Recorder Composition Lesson

Use the recorder to teach beginning composition.  Based on a simple Valentine’s Day poem, students use a set of pitches to create a melody to the existing rhythm of the poem.  This lesson can be completed in a variety of settings, from individual, small group, or even whole group instruction.  

The 3 Best Christmas Music iPad Apps

Now that I have my class set of iPads up and running, I am going to start sharing some of my favorite apps.  Christmas is, by far, my favorite time of year.  I love Christmas music and cannot wait for the day after Thanksgiving, when I break out my favorite holiday tunes.
As I searched for apps to use during these crazy December days in music class, I found some really fun ones that are also quite education and musical!
Here are my top 3 FREE holiday music apps, in no particular order:

Music Mixer – Elf on the Shelf – Christmas Game – Good for experiencing mixing music, this app allows students to discover how arranging sounds in different ways can change the feeling or mood of the music.  Very fun and all grade levels seem to love it, from my littles (Kindergarten) all the way to the 5th graders.  

Sing Along Christmas Carols Free – The free version of this app has three Christmas carols in karaoke style lyrics for you to sing a long.  The accompaniment is quality piano and sounds nice. Even good to use with just one iPad and an AV dongle connector to show on a big screen for a school sing along!  Also, has the potential to unlock and buy other tunes (for money, of course!)

Christmas Piano With Free Songs – Very similar to the one above, except you can play piano to three holiday tunes.  Very customizable, as you can learn to play the left hand or right hand or both.  You can choose to have the note labels on the keys, and you can alter them tempo and key at which you play.  Lots of fun!  

"In the Hall Of the Mountain King" Listening Activities

I love Halloween time because its the perfect time of the year for listening to “spooky” music.  One of my favorite “spooky” pieces for Halloween is “In the Hall of the Mountain King” from The Peer Gynt Suite by Edvard Grieg. has a great resource this month that includes a listening map, biography of Edvard Grieg, and other activities.  Click here for a direct link to their PDF you can download.

YouTube Videos

As I surfing the web and looking for other resources to use while I teach “In the Hall of the Mountain King,” I found two great YouTube videos that you might want to use as well!

Listening Maps has a great resource this month that includes a listening map, biography of Edvard Grieg, and other activities.  Click here for a direct link to their PDF you can download.

Also, has another good listening map that you can print and students can touch and follow as they listen.  Click here to see download that FREE listening map.  

Rhythm and Other Listening Activities

I also found a great blog post through Pinterest from Beth’s Music Notes on a variety of lessons and activities using “In the Hall of the Mountain King.”  Her resources appeal to a wide range of ages and learning styles.  Great ideas, Beth!

Fall Music Lessons on Pitch and Ostinato

I wanted to share two new Lesson Plans/Units I have on TpT.  Yes, these are paid, because it took me many hours to develop, test, and produce them.  But I think that you will find them to be fun, educational, and engaging lessons you can implement in your classroom with little to no extra planning or set-up time.

These lessons include image files, PowerPoints, Flipcharts, and detailed lesson plans so the work is already done for you!  Plus, they’re FALL themed and who doesn’t love the fall?!?  I hope you enjoy them and use them in a fantabulous way in your classroom!  (Click on the pictures below to go to my TpT product pages)

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Happy Birthday, Star-Spangled Banner!

Friday of this week, September 14th, is the 198th birthday of the “Star-Spangled Banner.”  After a night of constant bombardment on Fort McHenry at the mouth of the Baltimore Harbor, Francis Scott Key woke to see the American flag still flying in the dawning sunlight.  He was so moved in the moment that he wrote the words to a poem we now know as the “Star-Spangled Banner.”  In 1913, almost 100 years after it was written, it was adopted as our National Anthem by Congress.

As a music teacher, I feel a great responsibility and duty to educate our nation’s youth on the history of our country through our music.  American music tells the story of our country, from its birth and through the years – our turmoil, grief, victories, and liberties.  Each school year I spend a good deal of time talking about, listening to, and singing the National Anthem.  I hope to make some kind of impression on my students so as adults, they are the ones in the stadiums with their hats removed, standing respectfully tall, and proudly singing each and every note and word of National Anthem.
I would like to share some videos and activities and other resources that I use to help teach the “Star-Spangled Banner” and to celebrate its birthday every September 14th.
This first video is created by Rev. Dudley Rutherford of California.  His site,, plays a 9:11 video on the history of the “Star-Spangled Banner” (do you notice the coincidence of the length of the video and a date that passed earlier this week?)  I play this video for my students in the week leading up to September 14 and I think it does an amazing job of giving life to what many feel is a dead song.  It restores passion for a country and a song who’s lost its voice.

This second video is one I created for my school to play on its morning news show each year on September 14.  Its short, sweet, and to the point.  The video also gets kids singing which is a huge deal!  They’re never going to learn it if they don’t get to practice it!!!

Also, here is a links to some fantastic National Anthem activities and resources through the National Anthem Project

Lastly, this is a FANTASTIC activity packet for working with the lyrics of the “Star-Spangled Banner,” which we can all admit are not the easiest of words to learn.  This packet is courtesy of music educator and composer Christy Lovenduski.  Click the picture below or the word link above to get the free packet from Christy.  

How do you celebrate the “Star-Spangled Banner’s” birthday?  What do you think of these videos and activities?  How will you use these in your classes?

Patriotic Music Resources for Patriot Day and Veteran’s Day

With Patriot Day and Veteran’s Day coming up very soon, I thought I would share with you some patriotic music resources.  I hope you are able to use them in your classroom and can share a little patriotism with your students!

Great Video on the History of our National Anthem, the “Star-Spangled Banner”

“Fifty Nifty United States” Song Lyrics PowerPoint

This is a favorite song of my students!  They love the challenge of learning to sing all 50 states in alphabetical order!  It goes by fast so it takes a lot of practice!  The image for each state has its name as well as it circled on the map of the United States!  Cross-curricular learning at its best, as the students are learning United States geography at the same time!  So fun!!

Jeopardy-like Patriotic Music Game Show

This one I am super excited about!  This is such a fun way to teach American patriotic songs.  In a Jeopardy-like game show, students choose point values and listen to excerpts from 5 different American patriotic songs (instrumental versions only to make it more challenging!).  After revealing the song title, lyrics are displayed and then additional slides follow that flesh out the song, including the composer, the history of the song, images and photographs to make it more real, and even external links.  This is another great cross-curricular lesson that would find itself perfectly at home in a music room or general education social studies classroom!!!   Enjoy!

"Music Is…" Bulletin Board Idea

It has been a while since I have posted.  Just evidence of how busythe new school year is!  
I would like to finally share a bulletin board idea that I am sure many of you will like.  Unfortunately, this is not a printable, but it is easy and leaves room for your own creativity!
Since I work at a STEM Academy, I always try to emphasize how music also involves math and science, as well as now in the 21st century, utilizes technology in a major way.  This bulletin board summarizes my classes perfectly!

The letters are from a lettering set from The School Box.  But this is another good option if you want to purchase online. 

The images I just printed from the web.  Find images that emphasize what you teach and what speaks to you and HAVE FUN!

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In honor of the August mid-point (we’re halfway through my least favorite month of the year), the marking of 2 full weeks of our school year complete in Cherokee county, GA, and my baby boy’s 1/2 year birthday (he’s 6 months old today…my, how time flies), I am offering the first ever Learn Me Music giveaway!

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