Recorder Resources

Happy New Year!  Today was our first day back to school in 2013 and I am excited for what the remainder of the school year holds for my students and I in music class!
With the arrival of January, for many of you, is also the arrival of a shipment of new recorders (or breaking out the old ones!) for a recorder unit.  This is actually my first year in 7 years to not teach recorders starting the first day back in January.  Being at a brand new school and feeling so lost this school year, I did not have my act together as well this year to start in January.  But I hope to introduce the recorder to my 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students in February or March!

For those of you starting recorder now or soon, I would like to remind you of some fantastic resources available to you!

Recorders Rock! Soprano Recorder Method Book

This is my pride and joy – an original beginning recorder method book.  The entire book (music notation, images, graphics) were created by yours truly.  Click the image to the left or the link above to view my original blog post about the method.  I also created PowerPoint and Flipchart files to correlate with the method book to make your teaching even more effective.  Below are the links to my TpT store (NOTE: you can now buy multiple licenses of products on TeachersPayTeachers at a reduced rate!  So if you have other recorder lovers, buy a copy for them as well!  If you purchase you do have the right to photocopy for your students as many times as needed, for educational purposes only!)

Recorder Introduction Video

I made this YouTube Video to introduce my students to the Soprano Recorder in a fun, exciting, modern way.  I think your students will enjoy it as much as mine do!

Recorder Crossword Puzzle

Based on the video above, this puzzle reinforces the vocabulary and concepts behind learning the soprano recorder.  This is a good activity to have your students complete while you are passing out recorders for the first time!

Recorders Harmony Lesson using “Hot Cross Buns”

We often think of the recorder solely as a melodic instrument.  However, we can teach harmony by using the recorder and introducing simply part playing.  This lesson plan is a great supplementary lesson for your 2nd year recorder players and beyond.  

Valentine’s Day Recorder Composition Lesson

Use the recorder to teach beginning composition.  Based on a simple Valentine’s Day poem, students use a set of pitches to create a melody to the existing rhythm of the poem.  This lesson can be completed in a variety of settings, from individual, small group, or even whole group instruction.  

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