Patriotic Music Resources for Patriot Day and Veteran’s Day

With Patriot Day and Veteran’s Day coming up very soon, I thought I would share with you some patriotic music resources.  I hope you are able to use them in your classroom and can share a little patriotism with your students!

Great Video on the History of our National Anthem, the “Star-Spangled Banner”

“Fifty Nifty United States” Song Lyrics PowerPoint

This is a favorite song of my students!  They love the challenge of learning to sing all 50 states in alphabetical order!  It goes by fast so it takes a lot of practice!  The image for each state has its name as well as it circled on the map of the United States!  Cross-curricular learning at its best, as the students are learning United States geography at the same time!  So fun!!

Jeopardy-like Patriotic Music Game Show

This one I am super excited about!  This is such a fun way to teach American patriotic songs.  In a Jeopardy-like game show, students choose point values and listen to excerpts from 5 different American patriotic songs (instrumental versions only to make it more challenging!).  After revealing the song title, lyrics are displayed and then additional slides follow that flesh out the song, including the composer, the history of the song, images and photographs to make it more real, and even external links.  This is another great cross-curricular lesson that would find itself perfectly at home in a music room or general education social studies classroom!!!   Enjoy!

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