Happy 2012!

Happy New Year, everyone! Today was my first day back to school after a wonderful, two-week vacation home with my family. Being 8 months pregnant, I truly needed rest and family time!
Tomorrow students return to school and I am looking forward to seeing them! It’s amazing how a break can bring a fresh perspective to my teaching approach and music lesson ideas. I am excited to try some new units these next few weeks before my maternity leave begins.
I will be posting some new materials in the new few days as well, things that I will be using in my lessons. Stayed tuned and check back often. Here’s a little preview…
• New Recorder Method Book (downloadable PDF)
• PowerPoint and Flipchart to correspond with the Recorder Method book
• “Carnival of the Animals” lesson ideas
• Reviews of two staples in my classroom: “Mallet Madness” and “The Heart Chart”

Remember, if you have not subscribed to follow my posts via e-mail or RSS feed, please make sure to do so…you don’t want to miss the next big idea to enhance your already-awesome classroom!!

Happy New Year and Happy Teaching!!

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