My Top 5 Favorite Christmas Albums

I love Christmas music and I can’t seem to get enough of it.  But my taste for Christmas music is a little less traditional.  Check out my Top 5 Favorite Christmas Albums of all time!

5. “Christmas Cheers” by Straight No Chaser – The super-talented men’s a cappella reformed from members of Indiana University, Straight No Chaser does Christmas music with a fantastic twist!  This CD was a gift from a friend, and has become one of my favorites!  My husband and I even got to see them live last December at the Cobb Energy Center here in Atlanta.

4. “December” by George Winston – George Winston…need I say more?  This album is peaceful and calming; plus, my humble words cannot begin to describe the sounds George Winston can produce on a piano.  I have heard few players love the keys more than he….

3. Raffi’s Christmas Album: A Collection Of Christmas Songs For Children – This album is the sound of Christmas morning in my memories.  Christmas morning, before my brother and I were allowed to see our presents, my parents had to turn on the lights on the tree, start the coffee, and turn on the record player with Raffi’s Christmas Album.  Yes, I said record player – growing up I listened to many classic albums in the vinyl version and I appreciate my parents providing me with those great recordings to fill my childhood.  This album is a true “must-have” for anyone who spends Christmastime with children!

2. “Gold And Green” by Sugarland – The most recent release out of my list, Sugarland’s “Gold and Green” is already a classic.  A mixture of original tunes and arrangements of classic Christmas tunes, this album encompasses the spirit of Christmas in true “Sugarland-style.”

1. “Christmas Portrait” by The Carpenters – If we weren’t listening to Raffi’s Christmas on the stereo, then it was The Carpenters’ “Christmas Portrait” record.  I have known each tune by heart since childhood and it is truly not Christmas until I have heard and sung “Christmas Waltz” at least 50 times!  Karen Carpenter’s voice and talent (Rest in Peace, Karen) were true gifts to music and I cherish hearing her voice each and every time I enjoy their album.

May you cherish the Christmas season and spirit this year through the gift of music!  God bless!

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