Beginning Recorder Method Book: "Recorders Rock"

Presenting my original Recorder Method book, “Recorders Rock” (enter trumpet fanfare)!  Just kidding.  But seriously, I have finally completed my recorder method, “Recorders Rock.”  The title reflects me and my students’ sentiments about playing recorder.  It’s fun, awesome, and it “rocks!”
This project started small and has over time taken on a life of its own.  Years ago, I started rewriting the recorder method book I was using at the time to fit the songs and techniques I taught.  During the course of 4 years or so, it developed into a full-blown original method book, complete with sight-reading songs, leveled “pass-off” songs, written assignments, and plenty of reinforcement of reading music skills.
What speaks for itself more than anything is how much my students love it!  Every week they ask if we are doing recorders and if we are “testing” (what I call in the method “pass-offs”).  There is inherent motivation to advance through the leveled songs, as each level earns a different colored reward (the reward is up to you: beads, stickers, ribbons, etc.).  The students are proud to display their level of success and even work cooperatively to help one another and do a little peer-teaching!
Another benefit is that it can simply be photocopied for every student, without having to pay rights for each copy.  I have set this up so you purchase the method one time, for a VERY low price (especially considering the time I have put into this) and you then have the rights to copy for as many students as you need!  This is huge, as most recorder methods, require you to purchase a copy for each student, which can be costly for the school or student.  My school is a Title I school and getting students to buy a $5 instrument is challenge enough…I would never dream of then requiring students to purchase a $6-$10 method book.  My method takes a lot of paper, but very little cost per copy!
So head on over to and download your own copy of “Recorders Rock” and try it out in your classroom!  Click the picture above or the link below to go directly to the download page.  And right now, I have listed it on sale, so get it while its hot!

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