Shamrockin’ Songs

So I ran out of copies of our St. Patrick’s Day worksheet I posted about last week; I ran to the copy room only to find the copier broken. Moments of desperation often prove to be chances for innovation. I grabbed some green construction paper and the shamrock die-cut. Taking them back to my 2nd graders, we did the same composition activity on a smaller scale. I feel it may have even turned out better than my original idea; check out how cute it is on my bulletin board. Definitely a keeper idea for next year!!

The bulletin board in the hallway outside my room. Btw…I hate doing bulletin boards so anything I can do to make them easy is what I do – I’ve had the blue sky and green grass background up all school year 😉

Up close – two shamrockin’ songs. Not exactly the most perfect notation or the most creative songs, but it’s student work and I love it!!

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