The Best Classroom Accessory EVER!

Well, maybe not THE best, but its close!  Remember these?  Mr. Sketch markers.  I was obsessed with these as a kid and now as a music teacher, I have rediscovered how great these markers are.  I used to be a Sharpie junkie, but I have made the switch (still love my Sharpies for doodling and drawing).  But in the classroom, these are the only markers I use and here’s why….

  • SMELL YUMMY! – no nasty, chemical smells.  No kids getting “happy” off those “other” permanent markers
  • WATERCOLOR – this means no clothing or hand stains.  They wash off with a little soap and water.  
  • BOLD COLORS – they come in huge range of colors (better than Crayola’s colors) and they also have all the colors of our Boomwhackers!!!  So I can easily make charts, notation, and reading cards for our Boomwhackers without having to visit the color printer or find the right color construction paper (more printable Boomwhackers stuff to come…stay tuned!)
  • NO BLEEDING!  – these markers are even better than Crayola because they don’t bleed through anything!  Both Sharpies and Crayolas bleed through so if you’re making a chart, having kids work on something on the floor, or color coding a piece of music, these are your choice!  

I make so many charts, and visuals using ActivStudio and my Promethean board now; however, nothing beats a handmade visual when it comes to connecting with your students.  Also, I often don’t have the time to make a pretty flipchart for everything we’re doing.  So colored markers and construction paper are always a go-to for me….they should be for you too!!!

Sanford Mr. Sketch Assorted Scent Markers 12 Pack (20072)

Want to buy some Mr. Sketch smelly markers?!?  I recommend these (click the picture)….. 12 colors, $10…..a classroom investment well worth it!  

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