The Best CD for March Listening

Lake EffectThis is my go-to CD for the month of March.  Liz Carroll, composer and fiddle performer, creates stirring, lovely melodies.  She’s American-born, but of Irish parents.  Her music always touches my soul – I discovered her years ago on NPR and since then, my students and I have enjoyed her Lake Effect CD every March.  I am always drawn to Irish music and my dad and I have on many occasions have marveled at the deep connection between our own Appalachian music and these melancholy Irish tunes.  If you ever get a chance, check out the PBS 3-part series, “The Appalachians” – part 1 explores the birth of American Appalachian music and its deeply rooted history in the Irish immigrants of the Applachian mountains.  Truly fascinating and also moving!!

Want to buy Liz’s CD? Click here –>  Lake Effect

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