Rhythm Flashcards

Teaching rhythm to young students is always fun, but can be challenging too!  Follow this link to download a copy a PowerPoint I created to enhance my  presentation, review, and reading of rhythms with my students. In focus with this slideshow are the following rhythms: Quarter Notes, Eighth Notes, and Quarter Rests. All slides are in 4/4 time and each slide is 1 measure in length (4 beats). The teaching and extension possibilities with these slides are limitless: present them digitally or physically (using a projector or on paper), present each slide and have the students echo the rhythm, have the students read each slide after a teacher count-off (12 ready go!), print these slides and arrange them to create a rhythm composition, present 4 slides and have students choose which rhythm the teacher (or another student) read, play the rhythms on rhythm or wind instruments. As you can see, the possibilities are endless….use your creativity and enjoy! 

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