3 Late-Night Ponderings….Your Input Appreciated!

I have a lot going through my mind tonight. A short post to get my thoughts down…these are things that I hope to explore in future posts. Comments? Ideas? All are greatly appreciated!

1. iPad 2
So the iPad 2….a major change to something that was already so cool. Adding GarageBand as a $5 app makes it a music teacher’s dream. The possibilities of how to use this are great. Before I share my ideas, what are yours?

2. Old vs. New?
Does anyone else feel like our current education system is antiquated? I don’t feel like we, as educators, are able to meet our learners where they are…can we think out of the box to make learning both more purposeful and engaging? How can we do this?

3. Composition and Creation
I read a blog post this morning by Carol Broos at Be A Techie from the March Music Education Blog Carnival. It got me thinking about allowing student to create and compose. That seems to be a current thread in music ed discussions lately….and for good reason. Our students do not want to be “spoon-fed” information only to regurgitate it later for “the test.” In order for real learning to take place, we must allow our students to create, manipulate, and explore our medium, music. A scary thing for many music teachers….why? What can do to face the scary composition monster and tackle the unknown?

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