Recorders and Harmony | "Hot Cross Buns"

A Flipchart Page from our study of this tune

My fourth graders started the year with singing harmony through rounds and partner songs. They absolutely loved it and it was a great start to a school year. However, we have not revisited harmony much since then.
This week we are reviewing this truly endearing, mildly annoying tune, “Hot Cross Buns. Although this tune is super simple,  it’s simplicity is what enables us to explore more elevated musical themes, namely harmony!
I wrote a little arrangement of “Hot Cross Buns,” consisting of 5 parts: sopranino, soprano 1, soprano 2, alto, and tenor, accompanied by a simple Orff ensemble. My school is fortunate enough to own 6 tenor recorders and 5 sopranino recorders for student use. I wash them daily in the school’s dishwasher so we can use them in different classes.

Click on the flipchart page above to download a copy of this arrangement plus a lesson plan of how I introduce this piece and the concept of harmony.  I hope you enjoy!  

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