Boomwhackers® Inspiration

So I stumbled across a Music Therapy blog this evening, Rhythm for Good, by a music therapist, Kat Fulton.  She has some amazing Boomwhackers® resources – this is so exciting since we are in the middle of experimenting and exploring our new Boomwhackers®!  She arranged a Lady GaGa tune for Boomwhackers® and it is trulyContinue reading “Boomwhackers® Inspiration”

Recorders and Harmony | "Hot Cross Buns"

A Flipchart Page from our study of this tune My fourth graders started the year with singing harmony through rounds and partner songs. They absolutely loved it and it was a great start to a school year. However, we have not revisited harmony much since then. This week we are reviewing this truly endearing, mildlyContinue reading “Recorders and Harmony | "Hot Cross Buns"”

3 Late-Night Ponderings….Your Input Appreciated!

I have a lot going through my mind tonight. A short post to get my thoughts down…these are things that I hope to explore in future posts. Comments? Ideas? All are greatly appreciated! 1. iPad 2So the iPad 2….a major change to something that was already so cool. Adding GarageBand as a $5 app makesContinue reading “3 Late-Night Ponderings….Your Input Appreciated!”

March is MIOSM – “Music In Our Schools Month” – sponsored by MENC, Music Educators National Conference. As a music educator, obviously I support music education in school. However, it is interesting to hear what other people think about music education. Check out these Public Service Announcements from MENC’s MIOSM website. Clay Aiken’s PSA SaraContinue reading

March 2009 Music Education Carnival

Please check out this month’s “MUSIC EDUCATION BLOG CARNIVAL” at Tanbur Music Education Blogspot. My post “Using Audacity to Have Fun with Folk Dances” is one of the featured articles this month. From the Carnival, I also like Joseph Pisano’s article “Should we Utilize Technology in the Music Classrooms? Questions to Ask First.” This isContinue reading “March 2009 Music Education Carnival”