Augmented Reality with Aurasma: Part Two

So earlier this week I started a series of posts on Augmented Reality in Education using Aurasma.  If you didn’t catch post one, read it first before continuing on!

Now that you’ve read up on Part One, step two is actually creating your own trigger images, overlays, and auras!!  Woohoo!

I had this privilege this morning of presenting iPads in the Classroom: Tips and Tricks for Effective Implementation at the 2013 Georgia Educational Technology Conference.  It was an awesome experience!  I was nervous, excited, and inspired all at the same time.  I feel blessed by the opportunity to share a little of my experience with technology with other educators.

Part of my presentation was on Aurasma.  I created a quick reference guide for creating an account, channel, trigger images, overlays, and auras using Aurasma for my conference.  This perfect timing to also share it with you!  So please download the two handouts below and start creating your own Auras!

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