Augmented Reality with Aurasma: Part One

Augmented Reality is not a new concept, but the concept in education is one that is blowing up in schools.  I discovered this concept this fall while perusing my Pinterest boards.  Mrs. Dennis over at Music with Mrs. Dennis posted an amazing Augmented Reality tutorial featuring an app called Aurasma.  Her tutorial post is thorough, thoughtful, and applicable not only for the music room but education in general.

I am not attempting to create a tutorial since she has already done such an amazing job!  You should read her blog post first before continuing on here….so click it and read!  Then come back!


Ok….so now that you’re back, here are some things I have learned, discovered, and done with this App.  My school, Clark Creek Elementary STEM Academy, was recently the first stop on the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education (GPEE) Bus Tour.  I posted about this experience yesterday.  Read up on that too!

As a part of the bus tour, we provided groups of our tour members with iPads equipped with Aurasma so at they toured, they were able to experience Augmented Clark Creek Reality around our school.  There were probably 30-40 Auras around our school.  It was a huge hit and people were totally blown away with this “new” technology.

So you can see what I am talking about, follow these directions….

  • Use your mobile device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phone, tablet) and download the free App Aurasma.  (the purple”A” up there is the app icon – look for that image to make sure you download the correct app)
  • Once inside the application, slide through the tutorial and skip the account set-up if prompted (you can create an account later which you will want to do!)  Select the “A” aura button to bring up the menu.  
  • Using the Spotlight tool (looks like a magnifying glass), search for Clark Creek STEM.  Our channel is the one with the RedHawk.  Select our channel and then select “Follow” and “Like” to follow and subscribe to our channel auras.  

  • Return to the viewfinder in the app by selecting the broken square to the left of the viewfinder.  
  • You can now use the camera scanner to view some auras.  Let’s try some.  Hold your Aurasma viewfinder over the following images.  

If you saw videos pop up on top of these “trigger images,” then you did it correct!!  Congrats!   

Stay tuned for Part Two of my Aurasma posts to give you more tips and suggestions for using this amazing technology for educational purposes!  If you want to make your own auras, please refer to Mrs. Dennis’ awesome tutorial over at Music with Mrs. Dennis

One thought on “Augmented Reality with Aurasma: Part One

  1. Nice job! I got the auras to work! I love how you used the learning objectives as the trigger image. On a side note, in one of the videos I think I noticed you have the Wenger Flipforms. PTO is currently raising funds to purchase these for our school. The Wenger rep advised against black because it shows dust, but I think it would look more professional. Do you like your black FlipForms? Do they show dust really bad? Ours will have to be stored in the gym against a wall when not in use. We have no other storage space. I may put a couple in my room, but they're going to order us 12 to make a portable stage since ours got demolished in the renovation.


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