Valentine’s Day Project in Real Life!

Valentine’s Day Recorder Composition Project

So last week I posted a composition lesson for Valentine’s Day.  Last Friday was the beginning of my new rotation and I tried the lesson out on my 3rd and 4th grade recorder students.  It was a big hit and a huge success!  We read the poem, clapped the rhythms, composed pitches to go with the rhythm, and played it – and it was super fun, for me and them!

Record Your Class’ Compositions
I usually allow time to record our compositions and performances so I can post to my school’s website but we ran out of class time with both of my classes today.  So I recorded their song for them so you could hear what a simple, sweet melody they came up with (with a little guidance from me!).

The quality of the recording is nothing to write home about and for that I apologize.  But you get the idea of what a fun, beneficial project this can be!

Let Students Take a Copy of Their Composition Home
Students are always asking me to “print that out so I can take it home and share it with my mom.”  With using ActivInspire software, I can export any flipchart page as a JPEG file.  I know you can also do this PowerPoint as well as other SmartBoard and ActivBoard applications.  In whatever platform you are working, export the file you wrote on with all the notes, print the file as a JPEG, but choose to print 4 images per page.  The image gets smaller, but is still legible.  This saves ink and paper, yet each student is able to take home a copy of their work.  With Valentine’s Day, that is especially sweet, as your students can play their parents or their “Valentine” a musical Valentine 🙂

Valentine’s Day Composition – 4 Images Per Page

If you want to download this project for either ActivInspire or PowerPoint, follow the links below…

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