Valentine’s Day Music Composition Project

Holidays are always fun to incorporate into material for music class lessons.  Valentine’s Day is difficult though, being that there’s not a whole lot of Valentine’s music around – it’s not like we’re listening to a Valentine’s holiday station on the radio 😀

So if the music doesn’t exist, why not write it?!?!

That was the source of inspiration for this “Valentine’s Day Music Composition Project” that I wrote this week.  I found a cute, anonymous poem on the internet that was not too sappy and kinda funny.  I liked it, too, because it had an interesting rhythm (at least, the way I read it, it did) so I thought it would be a fun poem to use to write a melody.
Some things to know….  
  • I designed this lesson with recorder classes in mind; however, I purposely wrote it so you could use any classroom pitched instrument your students are familiar with (bells, xylophones, Boomwhackers, etc.)
  • The pitches are not specified, allowing you to use notes your students are familiar with (for example, with my recorder students, we’re going to be using the notes E, G, A, and B, since these are the ones we’ve learned so far)
  • I created this project in two formats:  PowerPoint (.ppt) and ActivInspire Flipchart (.flipchart) because this project works best as a class activity, using a projector and even better, an Interactive Whiteboard.  Choose the format that works best for you.  
  • If PowerPoint or ActivInspire doesn’t work for you, contact me using the contact form above and I can work with you to create a format that you can use!  I am always willing to do that with any of my materials!
  • The downloads linked below both contain complete visual materials as well as teacher notes for recommended teaching strategies to implement this lesson effectively. 

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