As the saying goes, "Silence Is Golden…"

Shh SmileyJust a short reflection today….I am 9 months pregnant and have a head cold.  I have ended up losing my voice and have only a whisper.  What an awesome combination, right?
With no voice to use, I have written directions on the board today and have said very little.  Especially in the older grades, I can write almost all the directions for the class period and they can and will read them and understand them.  I have used my Flipchart software for the interactive whiteboard – at the end of every few sentences, I put some silly direction like “Touch your head when you are done reading this” or “Put your finger on your nose when you are ready to move on.”  It has worked!
Fascinatingly, the kids have been practically silent too during these classes.  If I have to whisper, they whisper back to me.  Its hilarious!
It got me thinking… we teachers talk too much?  Are there things that can go unsaid and be communicated other ways?  Are we saying too little with too much?

Interesting thoughts…..what do you think?

One thought on “As the saying goes, "Silence Is Golden…"

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