"Peter and the Wolf" Matching and Coloring Page

“Peter and the Wolf” Instrument Coloring Page

Last week I posted two entries about using centers to reinforce the instruments of the orchestra and using “Peter and the Wolf” as a vehicle for introducing the instruments and their sounds.  If you haven’t read them, please check them out!!

Today, I started my Kindergarteners on a similar unit to my 1st and 2nd grade unit, except I changed their coloring page.  This worksheet would work for many different uses – you could have your students complete it individually after watching the video or listening to the recording, complete it together as a class while listening or watching, or even complete it on the whiteboard as you watch.

Another benefit to these kinds of activities is the visibility of concepts and information students have been learning in music class.  By allowing your students to take physical “evidence” of their music learning home with them, parents are getting to see what goes on in music.  Our art is such an aural art that we sometimes miss opportunities to share our lessons with parents; worksheets and coloring pages are a great way to reinforce learning within your lesson as well as share the lesson with those at home!!

I will share more of these “evidence” activities in the future!  Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “"Peter and the Wolf" Matching and Coloring Page

  1. Thanks for the insight and the great worksheet! I've just started teaching Performing Arts at a primary school and once I found out the students (in most levels!) didn't know what different instruments sounded like…I knew I needed Peter & the Wolf!


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