Music Notation Unit – Part III: Game

This is the third and final installment of our unit. See Part I and Part II here. Once I have time, I will compile all 3 parts into a PDF that you may download, save, and print! Part III is not an earth-shattering idea, but rather a super fun, engaging game functioning as both anContinue reading “Music Notation Unit – Part III: Game”

Music Notation Unit – Part I: Centers

I used this lesson last month as a 3-week unit to introduce my 2nd graders to notation in the treble clef.  They seemed to truly enjoy it and at the end of the unit, really knew their note names!  This could be used with grades 2-5 with great success! Note: I have a PrometheanBoard inContinue reading “Music Notation Unit – Part I: Centers”

Smartboard Games for Notation and Rhythm

Yesterday I featured The Music Interactive‘s new Boomwhacker® software. Today I had some extra time with my second graders at the end of our notation unit. To reinforce the notes on the treble staff, we played The Music Interactive’s Staff Wars game. What a super fun, exciting way to practice the notes on the staff.Continue reading “Smartboard Games for Notation and Rhythm”

Electronic Whiteboard Activity Link

Electronic whiteboards are becoming more and more common in the music classroom. This is an exciting and wonderful trend! I use mine daily! A teacher friend shared with me a fabulous blog, The Whiteboard Blog, that has so many great resources. One post, 11 Ideas for Music Lessons on Your Interactive Whiteboard, has resources IContinue reading “Electronic Whiteboard Activity Link”

ActiVotes are Great!!

First of all, it has been FOREVER since I have posted. I apologize….March is a busy month, and things get crazy. Second, I used my ActiVotes for the first time this week. My classroom is equipped with an ActivBoard by Promethean. Included with the ActivBoard are these little voters called ActiVotes. They are wireless, battery-operatedContinue reading “ActiVotes are Great!!”