PRINTABLE Labels for Essential Questions or Concept Charts

I want to share with you my classroom Essential Questions and Concept display system.  I have a blue pocket chart mounted on the wall by my door.  I made these cute labels to denote each grade level’s essential question or concept for the week.  I use sentence strips to write out what we’re doing to post there.  I like having it by my door because it is a good visual for students on their way in to my room, a good indicator to my administrators of the value of what we’re learning in music, and a good assessment tool as we line up to review what we’ve covered in class.
There are many ways to use these labels though…

  • Mounted on the whiteboard and use a dry-erase marker to write in essential questions/concepts for the classes
  • Mounted on a bulletin board and use sentence strips to write in information
  • Mounted and laminated on butcher paper and write directly onto the laminating film with dry erase. Perfect if you’re limited on whiteboard or bulletin board space.

If you like this idea, click the image below to get your own labels.  I apologize for the small fee at TpT for these, but these things take time to create and I am a poor, furloughed teacher  😦  Thanks for your support!

Also, let me know how you use them!  Leave a comment below and tell me what you’ve done with them…even better, link to a picture so we can all see!!  

2 thoughts on “PRINTABLE Labels for Essential Questions or Concept Charts

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