Music Classroom Rules Printable Posters

Being at a new school, I am finding myself redoing and reinventing the way I’ve done things for years. I want my classroom to be fresh, new, cheerful, and visually appealing.  I have made new music classroom rules posters to be more positive and happy.  I think these posters do the trick!  The best part is there are 5 rules, one for each of the 5 letters in the word “MUSIC.”  You can mount them horizontally or vertically and they make a great statement in your classroom.  I have unfortunately have not had a chance to put them up in my classroom yet, due to long lines at the laminator 🙂  You’ll see them soon!

2 thoughts on “Music Classroom Rules Printable Posters

  1. Thank you for the nomination! I am honored! I will pass on the favor to other blogs – yours is great by the way! I have you bookmarked and pinned and followed! Thanks again!


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