Christmas Carol Bingo Game

A standard December favorite of both me and my students each year is my “Christmas Carol Bingo Game.” Hopefully this game will also become a favorite in your classroom!  Click the link to get the  PDF download of my original Christmas Carol Bingo Game.  This game is my music-spin on traditional Bingo; players have to listen to and identify Christmas carol melodies on a pitched instrument (piano, xylophone, etc.) and then mark their cards accordingly. The challenge is the “caller” will say a column (C, A, R, O, or L) and then just play the melody (no words included) – this challenge reinforces listening skills and melody recognition. 

The PDF includes:

  • Index
  • Directions for Playing the Game
  • Materials Used
  • 15 Original, Unique Bingo Cards
  • “Caller” cards to keep track of what Carols have been called
  • Sheet Music to the 9 Christmas Carols used in the Game

NOTE: This game would be an excellent outside of the music classroom…think class Christmas party, Sunday School classes or parties, Christmas get-togethers, even office parties! In my experience, even adults have gotten a kick out of this game! Enjoy!

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