Thanksgiving Song: Ten Days of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Song – Ten Days of Thanksgiving Day 1

Looking for a Thanksgiving song to use for fun in your classes?  Look no further than one of my go-to blogs and websites,  Rachel Rambach, a music therapist, produces a huge range of original music for all settings, themes, and holidays to use in her therapy.  Her website is amazing, as it allows you to listen to many of her songs and see the lyrics right from her site.  She also gives you the option to purchase her songs for download, through  I discovered her Thanksgiving songs album about 2 years ago – it has 4 fun Thanksgiving songs to use in a variety of ways in the music education classroom, in music therapy sessions, or even at home for fun with the family – for only $4!!! I highly recommend you browse her website!!  You will get lost for hours!

One standard in my classroom is the Ten Days of Thanksgiving.  It is a hilarious, fun spoof on the “Twelve Days of Christmas” and my students every year get a kick out of all the lyrics and we all end up hungry by the end!!  I am sure you will too!

I have created a PowerPoint available for download as a visual with this song.  I use it to both introduce the song and to help students remember what food is next.  The pictures with the words really help the visual learners in your class.

Click on the link below to download your copy of this PowerPoint.  You can use it while singing unaccompanied, while accompanying on piano or guitar, or even download Rachel’s version for a small fee and embed into the PowerPoint!  The possibilities are limitless!

How did you use this song in your classroom?  What other Thanksgiving songs do you use?  Please share!!!  Leave a comment below!  

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