Composition Inspiration: Black Eyed Peas Project – Part 1

Pangea? Passion? Tribe? Poseidon?  Amnesia?  Can you define these terms?  My fourth graders did last week.  Immediately following that we listened to/watched the following video….

What a powerful message!  My students were amazed that we listened to Black Eyed Peas in music class.  And I was amazed at their response to this song.  We had some amazing thought-provoking discussions about peace, unity, and oneness.  Their interpretations of the vocabulary words were impressive – forgetting war and hatred, uniting as one, acting like we live on one continent “Pangea.”  It was a truly life-altering experience for us all.

The Birth of the Black Eyed Peas Project….
I chose Black Eyed Peas’ “One Tribe” as an inspiration for a composition project with my fourth graders.  Stay tuned to follow our project as it develops and to see our end product!  So far, the Black Eyed Peas Project is turning out way cooler than I expected….

4 thoughts on “Composition Inspiration: Black Eyed Peas Project – Part 1

  1. I have used 'Where is the love' for a singing project and think the students will like to try 'One Tribe'.


  2. Thanks for the suggestion to use \”Where is the Love.\” I will have to look into that and how to use it in class. Any further suggestions on how you used it, Anonymous? Also, try again with your name and website. Blogger was having issues this past week….


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