St. Patrick’s Day Composition Activity

With holidays during the year, I try to think of ways to incorporate what we’ve been studying with the coming holiday.  Next week being St. Patrick’s day, we needed some shamrocks and some luck!  My second graders and I have been working with notation in the treble clef and the C major scale (See the Lesson in 3 Parts Here: Part I Part IIPart III).  So it was natural for us to compose a song that we could play on our Boomwhacker® or Orff instruments.

Here’s a worksheet we used to compose our own songs…..
Click the picture to right-click/save your own copy of this worksheet!
This is black-and-white so that you can print/copy on GREEN paper for an awesome looking, “Sham-rockin'” Song! (couldn’t avoid the pun!)  This will allow your students to compose a 4-measure song.  When we did this today, once a student finished composing, he/she brought me their paper for review; then off to the computer to play the digital Boomwhackers® on  
Want to buy your own set of Boomwhackers?  I recommend this set to start off….

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