New Look, New Purpose

Recently, I have been pondering the true purpose of this blog. Who is the audience? What purpose will it serve? Who will want to read it?
Along those lines I know that all good music teachers are masters at sharing, borrowing, and enhancing others’ ideas. It’s what we do best and there is nothing wrong with it. Many of my ideas that I use in my teaching I can gratefully thank many music colleagues for sharing their creativity.
I have created many music classroom and teaching resources through the years that I would like to share as repayment for the generosity of others. I used to dream of publishing a book of resources that can be photocopied or imported into a computer for customization. However, we are now in a truly digital and social media age and paper resources are a thing of the past!!!
Enter Facebook/Twitter/TeachersPayTeachers…..I will be utilizing social and digital media sources to share music and technology resources around the web and around the world! The world is now much smaller, thanks to the interwebnets, and I am happy to connect with music educators locally and globally!!! Here’s to sharing!

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