The 3 Best Christmas Music iPad Apps

Now that I have my class set of iPads up and running, I am going to start sharing some of my favorite apps.  Christmas is, by far, my favorite time of year.  I love Christmas music and cannot wait for the day after Thanksgiving, when I break out my favorite holiday tunes.
As I searched for apps to use during these crazy December days in music class, I found some really fun ones that are also quite education and musical!
Here are my top 3 FREE holiday music apps, in no particular order:

Music Mixer – Elf on the Shelf – Christmas Game – Good for experiencing mixing music, this app allows students to discover how arranging sounds in different ways can change the feeling or mood of the music.  Very fun and all grade levels seem to love it, from my littles (Kindergarten) all the way to the 5th graders.  

Sing Along Christmas Carols Free – The free version of this app has three Christmas carols in karaoke style lyrics for you to sing a long.  The accompaniment is quality piano and sounds nice. Even good to use with just one iPad and an AV dongle connector to show on a big screen for a school sing along!  Also, has the potential to unlock and buy other tunes (for money, of course!)

Christmas Piano With Free Songs – Very similar to the one above, except you can play piano to three holiday tunes.  Very customizable, as you can learn to play the left hand or right hand or both.  You can choose to have the note labels on the keys, and you can alter them tempo and key at which you play.  Lots of fun!  

2 thoughts on “The 3 Best Christmas Music iPad Apps

  1. I am very happy to found this Christmas music for ipad apps, it's really great but please add some more Christmas apps for ipad like Christmas Tale, Christmas Carols Piano, Santa’s Bag and Pili Pop Christmas etc, these apps are also wonderful for Christmas days.


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